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COVID-19 Open Letter to Headteacher

European governments are taking increasingly stringent measures to address the threat of the Coronavirus. Only the UK appears to be dragging its feet, delaying the inevitable with potentially huge implications. I'm writing to the head of my children's school, asking her to add her voice to pressure our government into taking more decisive action, quickly.… Continue reading COVID-19 Open Letter to Headteacher

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“Music for Life” means Music for Everyone

"Music for Life" is our motto at the Len Tyler Music School. Read on to find out what first got me passionate about teaching here and what drives our ongoing quest to be the best we can for the benefit of the children that come to us. I first came across the Len Tyler Music… Continue reading “Music for Life” means Music for Everyone

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What’s in a Song? Six Things You Need to Know About Singing With Young Children

Sing with your children and you will give them a gift that keeps on giving for a life-time! But some of us feel daunted by the very idea. Maybe we weren't sung to, or feel self-conscious about competing with the plethora of professionally recorded children's albums. Maybe we don't realise we're already doing it, and that… Continue reading What’s in a Song? Six Things You Need to Know About Singing With Young Children

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Building Community – Home Start-Style

I wrote this article for the Mother Magazine in 2015, while volunteering for Home Start the year before my youngest was born. It never made it to the printing press for one reason or another so I'm publishing it here. The time I spent with my Home Start family was so worth it! A few… Continue reading Building Community – Home Start-Style

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An Ode to Fascination

Academic success appears to be the be-all and end-all in life, especially if you listen to our politicians. But could the way there be very different from the route they advocate? We live in a high-stakes society where existential angst and fear of failing are rife. Nowhere is this more in evidence than in the… Continue reading An Ode to Fascination