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Learning to Listen Part 2: The Toddler Years – Growing Strong Roots

We all want our children to listen well, but how do they learn this vital skill? As we dig up the soil to look at the roots, we find that the ability to listen is closely connected with a toddler's emotional and social development - and that active music is like a superfood that helps boost their learning.

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Smart Education – Could Music Be THE Vital Ingredient?

Funding for music education continues to be slashed. But this may be more counterproductive than we realise. A man is walking his dog in the woods when he hears the deep "thud, thud" of an axe on wood. Sure enough, a little later he comes across a man chopping down a tree. The woodcutter is… Continue reading Smart Education – Could Music Be THE Vital Ingredient?

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“Music for Life” means Music for Everyone

"Music for Life" is our motto at the Len Tyler Music School. Read on to find out what first got me passionate about teaching here and what drives our ongoing quest to be the best we can for the benefit of the children that come to us. I first came across the Len Tyler Music… Continue reading “Music for Life” means Music for Everyone